Work with a website design agency that will make sure you always make a great first impression.aWe are a Birmingham based website design agency who build amazing, conversion optimised websites. Our team of professional website designers create websites that are not just beautiful and creative but also functional. We focus on designs that elevate the customer experience with your brand and are optimised for search engines. Make a great first impression with your digital audience today! Call us at Distribute Digital for a free consultation.

We build websites that work for you

Your website is your opportunity to convert browsers into buyers. A good website will increase your conversions, decrease the cost of advertising and pay for itself many times over. If you want to invest in growing your business, your website should be one of your top priorities.

Responsive Design Mock

We build responsive websites that work beautifully on all devices. If you need a new website to promote your business, generate more enquiries or to sell your products online we can help.

Our sites are built on WordPress or Shopify depending on your requirements.

Beautiful design, quality content, stunning imagery all position your business to succeed online.

Our websites are optimised to deliver enquiries and revenue not clicks

Mobile Optimised

Mobile has overtaken desktop as the way most people surf the internet. Making your website work as well on mobile as it does on other devices is not a choice anymore it's essential.

Lighting Fast Hosting

Slow sites kill conversion, we will make sure your website loads quickly. We design your site to load quickly across all devices. Images and sites are built with site speed in mind.

Optimised For Search Engines

We set up your website with great SEO in mind from day one and then have the expertise to support you as you grow.

SEO Optimised Content

If music is the food of love, then content is the food of search. If you want to win in search and have good SEO you need to have good quality original content. Creating good content that answers a user question is a great way to start to rank in search for relevant search queries.


Want to sell online? We can help you launch your store and increase your online sales. We develop great sites on WordPress and Shopify and then help market your site so you can build a profitable business.

We love WordPress

Over 455 million websites use WordPress, from start-ups to large companies. It is super flexible and has a huge ecosystem of plug-ins allowing for sophisticated solutions are great prices.

Secure SSL

Online security is increasingly important and Google will now actively warn people away from sites that are not secure. All our sites come with an SSL certificate as standard.


Videos will help increase engagement on your site and are a great way to increase conversions. If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine what a video will do for your business.

Why having a great website matters

Increase Conversion

If your site is slow to load, it is costing you money. Google reports a 1-second delay in a mobile site loading can reduce conversion rates by 20%. How fast is your site? Find out with this super useful site-speed tool

Make More Money

Your website is there to work for you. A good website should convert visitors to customers, either through increasing enquiries or increasing the number of products they buy. The best way to make your marketing deliver more results is to have a website that converts.

Reduce the cost of advertising

A quality website landing page, with relevant content and a good user experience will reduce the cost of Google Ads. Pay less money to Google and keep more profit for your business.

First Impressions count

People will judge your business by the quality of your website. You have less than 3 seconds to get someone interested when they visit your site. Remember your competitors are only ever a click away.

YOu need to look great on mobile

More people access the internet through a smartphone than through a desktop PC. Despite this there are still lots of sites that are not ensuring their mobile experience is great. That gives you an opportunity to stand out from the competition with a responsive site that looks great on any device.

Google Penalises bad sites

Let’s face it, if you want to have success online, being ranked highly in Google is pretty important. Google wants to return relevant search results and give its users a good experience. That means it expects your site to be fast to load, mobile friendly and secure.


We build beautiful custom sites on WordPress at affordable prices. Need something bespoke, let us help.


Want to become an eCommerce success? Shopify is a great solution that helps you sell anything anywhere!

Woo Commerce

Woo Commerce and WordPress make a great partnership. Another great option to make your store shine.

A website design agency you will be proud to work with.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every customer is treated like we are building a project for our own business. We are not happy until you are delighted. If you are not completely satisfied we won't charge you.

Affordable Quality

Our mission is to help small businesses succeed with online marketing. We have built our business with this in mind. No expensive offices, pool tables, just quality service at a great price.

No Long Contracts

Stay with us if you are delighted with what we provide or walk away at any time. We don't need contracts to lock customers in, our customers love what we do and that's how we like it.

Website Design FAQs

There are several types of websites depending on their purpose. The most popular ones are as follows: blog, business/corporate websites, non-profit websites, eCommerce websites, educational websites, entertainment websites, portfolio websites, social media websites, forums, and web portals. If you’re not sure which site you need, and what functions you should have available, you can call us at Distribute Digital for a quick consultation. We’ll provide you with details on how we can build your website.

Whether you need a website for personal branding or for your business, you want a site that’s well-designed and functional. It should be easy to use and optimised for all screen sizes. A great website should also have clear calls-to-action that motivate your audience to engage with your content and of course, convert, whether that may mean an enquiry or a direct online sale.

There are multiple things that lead to poor user experience including slow site speed, too much text, no whitespace, poor user journey and so on. These factors can negatively impact your website’s performance. Not to mention, they can also turn away prospects.

A mobile-friendly design is a website that displays correctly on a mobile device. In most cases, this means that you need to maintain two websites: a mobile and a desktop version. While this means your business can have two websites, it is expensive and time-consuming.

A responsive web design, on the other hand, works on every device and screen size. It also allows you to create a universal design that is compatible with every device and user. Since you only have to manage one site, it’s economical and efficient.

A responsive web design supports and makes the most out of SEO. Mobile-friendliness is a critical ranking factor for Google. If your site is not mobile-friendly, you will struggle to appear at the top of search results.


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