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Your brand’s credibility and value rely on how much your customers trust you. This is a key element to making your business successful. SEO or search engine optimisation helps you build brand value. As your value increases,you gain more opportunities to acquire more customers.

Launching your website is just the first step. People need to find it — and it doesn’t just magically appear on Google or Bing without any work being done. You need an SEO strategy that positions your website as the authoritative source of answers for questions your potential customers are searching for.

Our approach to SEO


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Keyword Research

Ranking for the right keywords is the core of your success. An SEO Agency like Distribute Digital will help you research and select the best words and phrases to rank for. This is an art and a science and is the foundation of your SEO strategy.

SEO Tech Audit

Website Audit

Your website needs to be tuned for performance. We use industry best practice and tools and conduct a full audit of your site and pull together an action plan so that your site is optimised for search and we fix all the issues that can prevent your site performing in search.


Competitor Analysis

We analyse your competitors and find out what they are ranking for, what links they have and analyse their content. As your preferred SEO marketing company, we at Distribute Digital will help you outperform your competition by creating a strategy according to the data we’ve gathered.

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Analytics and Tracking

Our team use a data-driven approach to creating and implementing your SEO strategy. SEO is not a one-time piece of work. Google is continually updating its algorithms and your competition won't standstill. We track your rankings, enjoy success and react to any challenges.


SEO Tech Audit

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is all about ensuring your website meets Google’s technical requirements and provides a seamless user experience. Our professional SEO experts will constantly monitor your website, making sure it’s tuned to perform, loads quickly and all technical aspects are tuned to perfection.

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Content Optimisation

As they say, “Content is King”. Google loves fresh, good content that adds value to a customers search query. Well written, authoritative content that informs will help you rank ahead of the competition.

SEO Link building

Link Building

Links are still arguably the most important factor in SEO. We only look for quality relevant links that will help you rank. Links have to be carefully chosen and this is one of the most difficult aspects of SEO.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Getting traffic is great but if it doesn't convert into business whats the point? We work with you to ensure your website is optimised for conversion to increase the amount of leads you generate. This will also help with your PPC campaigns and any other marketing that drives traffic to your website.

Our promises to you...

Common SEO Agency Questions

Some of the most common questions people ask us about Search Engine Optimisation

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation which simply means ensuring that your website ranks as highly as possible in Google for the product or service you offer.

When you conduct a search on Google the page that displays the results is called the SERP’s or the Search Engine Results Page. This page is made up of Paid and Free results. The paid results are Google Ads otherwise known as PPC. The free results are called organic search results and are shown because Google has determined that they are the best match to the users’ search query.

Over the years Google has modified the SERP’s pages to include different types of paid and organic search results. Paid search results include Google Shopping Ads which show products for sale, Google Search Ads which tend to look very similar to the organic results and more recently Google My Business listings which are the listings of local business that appear on a map.

Appearing high in the organic results for a relevant search query can lead to significant “free” traffic to your website. No one outside of Google knows exactly what % of users click on the paid listings but it is hugely valuable to rank highly in search. Whilst the exact numbers aren’t known respected sources have said that a No1 position in search gets 33% of clicks compared with 1.5% for the 10th or last organic result.

We would advocate having paid search and SEO working in unison but that’s another subject.

The short answer is no.

If anyone tells you that they can guarantee results with SEO they are lying. Google is constantly changing its algorithm and there are a huge number of factors that affect how your website ranks for search terms. 

What we can be confident of doing is increasing the amount of relevant traffic that you are getting to your website from search engines by deploying safe and ethical strategies that have stood the test of time.

Google wants to put the most relevant and trusted results in front of a consumer who is searching. Our job is to establish your website as a trusted resource for your product or service. There are no short-cuts or cheats to fast track SEO but there are proven strategies that if deployed well, will improve your visability in search.  

Over 60% of internet browsing starts with a search, meaning your next customer will probably start looking on a search engine before visiting any physical stores or speaking to anyone.

In the UK Google has over 89% of the search market, meaning if you don’t rank in Google organically you will be missing out on one of the largest marketplaces in the world.

If you can get your business to rank highly for your service or product niche you can reach a huge amount of potential customers and ultimately be more successful.

With the rise in mobile and location-based services, you don’t have to be the best nationally if you sell to a physical location rather the whole UK you can focus on local SEO and often punch above your weight beating some larger brands that are more focused on the national search picture.

Every situation is unique as getting results from SEO is dependant on a wide range of quite complex factors. For example how competitive the keywords that you are trying to rank for are, and what your competitors are doing from an SEO perspective.

What is for certain is that SEO will not bring instant results. If you need enquiries next week you would need to have some investment in paid search or other forms of marketing whilst the SEO work is going on in the background.

We always tell clients to expect 3-6 months before they see material results, of course sometimes things can happen more quickly but it is better to be prepared for a realistic time frame.

SEO is time-consuming and can be complex and results take time to deliver.

We think combining SEO and PPC is a great strategy and the two are very complimentary. Running paid search generates incredibly useful data around which paid keywords are converting and generating enquiries. Targeting high converting proven keywords with SEO makes total sense and in time can help lower the spend required on PPC.

PPC is great for getting results immediately but the investment in SEO can also help improve how your paid search converts. Even with PPC Google wants to show the most relevant adverts and having a well-optimised landing page with great content from your investment in SEO can help paid search convert more effectively and improve your quality score, which in turn results in a reduced cost per click as Google rewards relevancy and a good landing page experience.

The great thing about investing in SEO is your traffic does not disappear when you stop spending like it does with paid search. SEO is an investment in your website, your content and ultimately helps you in the long term. 

SEO is based on a number of factors but you can crudely group them into three buckets. 

  1. Technical SEO, this is making your website optimised for search engines, it is technically fit for purpose, loads quickly, works well across mobile and desktop devices and making it a joy for Google to crawl. 
  2. Great content. Ultimately the web is about content, you are a publisher and the content your put on your website is one of the factors that helps Google decide how relevant and authorativie your site is and therefore how well it answers a search query. Google loves content because it helps it provide the best answer to a question. 
  3. Link building. In basic terms when another website links to your site this is a signal to Google that your site is appreciated and of value. However there is a catch, all website links are not created equal. The more reputable and popular the site linking to you is the more Google takes note of it. Acquiring links is a time-consuming task and must be done carefully as getting links from the wrong sites could have a negative affect. We look to acquire links that a relevant, related and trusted. Not an easy task but out of the 3 buckets this is the most important one.

Return on your investment is always front of mind. Our reputation and growth rely on our customers being successful.

We agree the search terms we are targeting at the beginning and track how these keywords move up through the search results pages over time. We provide you with your own dashboard so you can track:

  1.  What rankings of these keywords over time. We will set-up tracking so you can see at any time how you are ranking for all the keywords you care about
  2. How much traffic you are getting from organic search. Ultimately what really matters is the amount of relevant traffic you are getting and seeing this traffic increase over time as a result of our work
  3. How many enquiries or sales are we generating from organic traffic. We recommend telephone and form tracking on all our campaigns
  4. How you are tracking vs your main online competitors. 
  5. Again we provide all of this information for you to understand the value you are getting from your SEO campaign

Here to make you more successful

Our clients want their marketing to deliver results. Results mean more sales, more enquiries and ultimately more money. Our focus is on achieving the results that matter to you and deliver a return on your investment. No egos, no jargon, just a hard working SEO agency delivering results.

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competitor analysis

Who wouldn’t want to see what their competitors are doing, and more importantly how they are doing it. We can provide you detailed competitor analysis so you can identify areas where your competitors are winning and come up with strategies to fight back. SEO is a data-driven game, we have the tools and resources to help you get ahead.

Transparent reporting

All our clients get access to their own client dashboard that shows results in real time. Track everything from calls to clicks, and see how much traffic you are getting from search. You can compare performance over time, see how many links have been acquired and see how all the work is translating into measurable results. Or sit back and let us worry about it and wait for the monthly report that will give you a summary of the month’s performance. However hands-on you want to be Distribute Digital SEO Agency Birmingham have you covered.

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