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Lead Generation Services that Get You Customers, Not Clicks

We are a lead generation agency that focuses on getting you customers, not clicks. A constant flow of new customers is vital for any business. To attract valid leads, you cannot simply rely on intuition or wait for them to find you. You need strategies to attract the customers you want. Here’s where Distribute Digital can help! Contact us today for a quick consultation.

What do you mean by lead generation?

With many businesses going digital, finding customers and getting leads can become challenging. The competition is simply too tight! Traditional marketing methods like email blasts are no longer sufficient if you want to generate quality leads. In fact, studies show that sales reps spend 18% of their time researching leads. This is almost 20% of their time spent on lead research and acquisition when they could be focusing on making a sale.

Lead generation is the process of capturing interest and developing a sales pipeline. Lead generation services are found to be useful for all types of businesses, regardless of their size and in both B2C as well as B2B markets.

At Distribute Digital, our lead generation services can help your business increase brand awareness, build relationships, and acquire qualified leads to help you close deals. With an effective strategy that gets you high-quality leads, you can spend more time closing sales and growing your business.

Our focus areas for lead generation are:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Display Advertising
  • Social Media and Facebook Ads

Get more enquiries with our lead generation process

Business Consultation

To help you find customers, we need to understand your business goals and your specific needs. We believe every business is unique and has its own requirements to succeed. From our business consultation session, we will build a picture of your ideal customer and get to understand the value of a conversion to your business.

Channel selection

We are not tied to any marketing channel. Our team of lead generation experts will find the most effective channels for your business. That may be Google Ads but depending on your business and the importance of local it can be Facebook, Display Advertising or even direct mail.

Campaign Specific Landing Pages

We will work with you to build relevant landing pages on your website, or may recommend building new landing pages. The landing pages play a key role in delivering the campaign so dedicated landing pages are often the best solution. This allows us to quickly amend them as the campaign progresses to ensure they are optimised for conversion.

Tracking, measure and analyse

We will use call tracking software to ensure we can see exactly which marketing channels are resulting in business. This allows us to establish the best marketing mix for your business and ensure you are investing your marketing budget in the places that are delivering results

Ongoing optimisation

Our lead generation work is comprehensive. We will use the data from your marketing campaigns (SEO, PPC, Social, etc.) to measure success and continually look to improve your performance. We will make sure your campaign gets better over time through strategic enhancement.

Transparent Reporting

We will provide monthly reporting to summarise the performance and you will have access to live platforms to monitor performance. Transparency is our key policy here at Distribute Digital and we will make sure that every strategy is in line with your business goals. We will always be clear and precise as to what is being done to get results.

Stop wasting money on PPC Advertising that isn't delivering results

Is your PPC advertising working? If you don’t know the answer to that question you could be throwing hard-earned money down the drain. We use sophisticated tracking and reporting to understand which marketing channels are delivering results for your business, then we spend more with the channels that work and eliminate those that don’t. No more guesswork.

Why choose us?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every customer is treated like we are building a project for our own business. We are not happy until you are delighted. If you are not completely satisfied, we won't charge you.

Affordable Quality

Our mission is to help small businesses succeed with online marketing. We have built our business with this in mind. No expensive offices or pool tables, just quality service at a great price.

No Long Contracts

Stay with us if you are delighted with what we provide or walk away at any time. We don't need contracts to lock customers in, our customers love what we do and that's how we like it.

Lead Generation FAQs

When talking about success, it takes more than just opening a business and hoping that customers will find you. You need to have a lead generation strategy. With lead generation, the sales process is simplified by focusing on potential buyers and facilitating appointments through a proven appointment scheduling system. You could lose crucial opportunities to grow and expand your business if you don’t have a lead generation plan.

B2B lead generation services are not only valuable for your business but could also be vital to your success.

There are several ways to generate leads for businesses. However, at Distribute Digital, we’d like to start our lead generation strategy with a business consultation. We believe that there’s no cookie-cutter approach to growing a business as each has its own specific needs. Through our one-on-one consultation, we sit down with our clients and get as much information as we can about their business, their mission and vision, their goals, and their branding. From here, we will create a clear picture of their target market.

Hiring a lead generation expert has many advantages which include: accurate audience selection, defining actionable insights in creating a strategy, using a sales approach targeted to your ideal prospect, receiving real-time reporting, increasing appointments with valid leads, and ultimately, growing your profits.

Our team will review your website and current online marketing and define a new strategy to increase the number of leads through relevant digital marketing channels and website improvements. An additional remarketing campaign can be launched to regain lost leads or missed appointments.

We use inbound marketing techniques such as PPC and display advertising, SEO and social media ads to capture users that show commercial intent as well as get your business in front of those that fit your ideal customer profile.


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